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Automatisation S.A.B. began doing business 1977. Its first and only mission was to
maintain and repair injection moulding and extrusion machines in the plastic business.
Mr. Angil Bourdages, president and founder of Automatisation S.A.B., worked relentlessly
for years in building a considerable number of loyal clients all the while gaining recognition in
the industry.

Major change in 1993

Automatisation S.A.B. became a genuine family business in 1993, when Angil’s only son Stéphane, joined the company after completing his degree in electrodynamics. Stéphane’s expertise with electrical circuits for motors and programmable logic controllers has allowed the company to diversify its operations and improve its customer service by providing business solutions using the latest technologies.


Five years after his son started, Angil ventured into another business segment by adding the
sale of injection moulding machines and auxiliary equipment. This decision proved a wise one as
sales of these machines now accounts for around 75% of Automatisation SAB activities.

In adding the sale of these machines to its list of activities, the company located in Varennes,
built strong business partnerships with four majors suppliers:

Dega for auxiliary equipments, Harmo for robots, Green Box for chillers, Toyo for injection moulding machines, S.I.S.E. and TSM.




614 Lionel-Boulet, Varennes (Québec) J3X 1P7 - Tél: 450.652.9767 • Fax: 450.652.4549   -   email: info@sab-groupe.com